USA Student Visa

Higher Education in USA

The United States of America, with all their open arms, welcome international students to be a part of their local learning environment. The US aims at providing the students with the most prospective ways of careers with uncompromising knowledge and skill. They have the most suitable educational hierarchy designed even for those coming from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds.

World Overseas Services knows what exactly to offer its students. We offer the best opportunities to study in USA. Our authorized tie-ups with US Universities, Colleges, Schools and other Educational Institutions have the best Student Visa options. Education system is much higher in American standards.

The US has always shown its readiness to bring the students all new educational initiatives, from bespoke foundation programs to PhD level courses. Their public-private educational partnership has opened many horizons in terms of the latest technical fields & market research. The more & more industrial expansions and at the same time with them not having sufficient skilled workforce, they have now introduced many educational programs, which serve completely a new syllabus related to all emerging market fields.

There are more than 4,500 colleges, universities and junior colleges in the country, offering a plethora of courses in every field conceivable. These would include courses ranging from post-secondary education (college or university of four years) to a wide variety of higher learning.

Types of Study

The USA serves privately and publically backed schools and colleges. Graduation study is more often referred to as an undergraduate education. On undergraduate study being successfully completed, students further go ahead with university levels (degree courses). These would include professional courses such as medicine, pharmacy, engineering and sorts of other majors. Enrollment in several courses would require the student to have completed a specific undergraduate major as prerequisite.

On completion of graduate study, students attend their post-graduation education. This can lead them to achieving more advanced degrees (master degrees). Be they the Master of Science, Master of Computer, Master of Business Management etc. Furthermore, in addition to such degree levels, students may be gaining their PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) or doctorate degrees.

There may be an entrance test to get an admission into the next level, which solely relies on student’s overall academic performance, (sometimes) followed by the relevant field experience. These examinations may comprise GRE (Graduate Record Examination (Graduate Schools), the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) or the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Many of medical, graduate and law schools do not require market experience as prerequisite. However, the students wanting to pursue the management course would more likely be in need of some prior work exposure.

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