Study In Poland

Poland is one the wealthiest and safest nations in the world to live. This country welcomes an increasing numbers of visitors every year. It offers us amazing scenic values, recreational destinations, cultural events and historic venues. In the year of 2013, Poland was visited by nearly 15.8 million tourists.

The nation is believed to be the 9th largest in Europe and 71st in the world. With its population of around 38.5 million people, Poland is the 34th densely populated country worldwide. It has the fastest growing economy over the globe and is considered the 6th biggest economy in EU.

The Polish academia provides higher education to international students. This includes study in Bachelors, Masters, Postgraduate as well as Diploma and Vocational Courses. Language classes are conducted to help foreigners to settle down successfully in Poland. A majority of Polish universities, schools and colleges conduct their study programmes in English. The living in Poland is less expensive and joyful.

Geographical Location


Poland is officially known as the Republic of Poland. This country is located in central Europe.

Currency Polish Zloty (PLN)
Population 38,483,957 (2014 Census)
Area 120,696.41 square miles (312,679 square kilometer)
Official Languages Polish
Recognized Language English studied and spoken as a second language
Economy Poland is economically stable and rich with higher incomes. One of the rapidly growing country in the EU. It has little private debt and strong local markets. No economical dependability on export sectors.
Tourism Tourism in Poland pays big contributions towards global economy
Main Industries Oil and gas, energy, mining, retails, automotive, telecommunications and many other