Skills Shortage Occupations- South Affrica

Agriculture, Agricultural Operations and Related Sciences:

:-Agricultural Engineer

:-Agricultural Scientist

:-Forestry Technician

:-Sheep Shearer

Architecture and the Built Environment


:-Construction Project


:-Land Surveyor

:-Quantity Surveyor

:-Urban and Regional


Business, Economics and Management Studies

:-Actuaries and Risk


:-Corporate General


:-External Auditor

:-Financial Investment


Information Communication & Technology

:-CISCO Solution Specialist

:-CISCO Engineers

:-Solutions Architects in Telecommunications and ICT

:-Integrated Developers (PHP, Perl, Java )

:-Network Analyst

:-IT Security Specialist

:-System Integration Specialist

:-Enterprise Architecture

:-Data Center Operations

:-Network Specialist (Security)

:-Database Specialists

:-Microsoft System Engineers

:-Network Controllers

:-AV Specialists (Anti-virus)

:-Desktop support Engineer


:-Energy Engineer

:-Metallurgical Engineer

:-Chemical Engineer

:-Civil Engineer

:-Electrical Engineer

:-Electrical Installation Inspector

:-Electronics Engineer



:-Industrial and Production Engineers

:-Industrial Designer

:-Manufacturing Managers

:-Materials Engineer

:-Mechanical Engineer

:-Mining Engineer

:-Production/Operations Manager

:-Quality Systems Manager

:-Research and Development Manager

:-Ship’s Engineer

:-Telecommunications Engineers

:-Electrical Engineering Technologist

:-Energy Engineering Technologist

:-Mechanical Engineering Technologist

:-Metallurgical Engineering Technologist

:-Mining Engineering Technologist

:-Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber

:-Automotive Electrician

:-Automotive Motor Mechanic

:-Boiler Maker

:-Chemical Engineering Technologist

:-Civil Engineering Technologist

:-Diesel Mechanic

:-Electronics Engineering Technologist


:-Fitter and Turner
:-Materials Engineering Technologist
:-Mechatronics Technician
:-Metal Fabricator
:-Physical and Engineering Science Technicians
:-Pressure Welder
:-Structural Plaster

Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences

:-Medical Superintendent /Public Health Manager
:-Public Health Physician
:-General and Specialist Medical Practitioner
:-Hospital Pharmacist
:-Nursing Professionals
:-Registered Nurse (child and family health)
:-Retail Pharmacist

Life and Earth Sciences

:-Environmental Engineers
:-Environmental Manager
:-Industrial Pharmacist
:-Acquatic Scientist
:-Animal Scientist
:-Advanced Composites Engineering
:-Archaelogical / Paleontological Specialist

:-Biological Scientist
:-Botanical Scientist
:-Chemical Scientist
:-Computational Biologist
:-Environmental Scientist
:-Ecological Scientist
:-Food Scientist
:-Engineering Geologist
:-Geohazards Specialist
:-Laboratory Technologist and Technician
:-Marine Bioscientist
:-Materials Scientist
:-Metallurgical Scientist
:-Microbiological Scientist
:-Polymer Scientist
:-Protein Scientist

:-Soil Scientist
:-Toxicology Scientist
:-Water Resource Scientist

Professionals and Associate Professionals

:-Land and engineering surveyors
:-Electronic Engineering Technician
:-Materials Engineering Technologist
:-Electrical Engineering Technician
:-Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Practitioner
:-Mechanical Engineering Technician
:-Chemical Engineering Technician
:-Organisation and Methods Analyst (incl. scheduler, estimator)
:-Surveying Technician
:-Geomatics Technician
:-Quantity Surveying Technician
:-Civil Engineering Technician
:-Materials Engineer Non destructive Testing (NDT)
:-Materials Engineering Technician – Road materials
:-Materials Tester
:-Construction Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Agent/Manager/ Officer
:-Aeronautical engineering
:-Architectural Senior Technologist
:-Architectural Technologist
:-Architectural Draughtsperson

:-Physicist (SKA)
:-Geomagnetic Physicist
:-Solar Physicist
:-Space Physicist
:-Plasma Physicist
:-Space Technologist
:-Space Weather Specialist
:-Magnetic Technology Specialist
:-Radar Engineering
:-Radio Frequency Engineering
:-Environmental Technologist
:-Industrial Engineer
:-Industrial Engineering Technologist
:-Industrial Engineering Technician
:-Landscape Architect
:-Landscape Contract Manager
:-Landscape Horticulturalist
:-Mining Technician


:-Boilermaker (for Strategic Infrastructure Projects)
:-Industrial Machinery Mechanic
:-Pipe Fitter

:-Double Coded Welder
:-Raise-bore Operators
:-Raise-bore Foreman

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

:-Software Development Engineers and Managers
:-Systems Architects, Engineers and Managers
:-Foreign Language speakers for specialist language support and technical or sales support (German, Swiss German, Flemish, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Mandarin and French)
:-Business Analyst
:-Quality Analyst
:-Quality Assurance Specialist/Auditor
:-Customer Service Manager/Team Lead

Academics and Researchers

:-Doctoral Graduates (Acquired abroad)
:-Research in any of the following areas:
:-Galaxy Formation and Evolution
:-Galaxy Structure and Dynamics
:-Pulsars and Black Holes
:-Pulsars and Gravitational Waves
:-Deep Observations of the earliest Radio Galaxies
:-Dynamic and Transient Bursts
:-VLBI Operations

:-Search for CO to investigate role of Molecular Hydrogen
:-Deep Surveys of Neutral Hydrogen Gas in the Early Universe
:-Cosmology and Dark Energy
:-Cosmic Magnetism
:-Calibration and Imaging of Radio Interferometer data
:-Pulsars Research
:-Pulsars and Gravitational Waves
:-VLBI Operations
:-Signal Processing
:-Observational Radio Astronomy in General
:-Algorithm for Radio Astronomy
:-Signal Processing for Radio Astronomy
:-Supercomputing for Radio Astronomy
:-Software Development for Radio Astronomy
:-Data and Streaming Real -Time Processing of Massive Data Amounts
:-Green Computing Extreme Performance at Minor Energy Costs
:-Performance at Minor Energy Costs
:-EMC and Spectrum Management
:-Beam Modelling
:-Antenna Modelling
:-Feeds for Radio Astronomy Systems
:-Receivers for Radio Astronomy Systems
:-Signal Processing for Radio Astronomy
:-High Speed Data Transport
:-Nano-photonics – Data Transport Power
:-Reduction over Short and Long distances
:-Antenna Design
:-Antenna Foundation Design
:-RFI Shielded Buildings and Facilities
:-Advanced Manufacturing
:-Space Science and Technology
:-Global Change
:-Energy Security
:-Information Communication Technology
:-Earth Observation
:-Natural and Applied Sciences